About Lincoln

Lincoln Kokaram Author of 2 books: Verse for the Day and P.A.S.S.I.O.N.

Serving with P.A.S.S.I.O.N.

A gifted trainer and public speaker, born to teach and empower others; this will be
your assessment of Lincoln Steve Kokaram after you have spent just a couple minutes with him.

He was born to a teacher in a family of teachers on a tiny island, Trinidad and Tobago. He delivered his first adult training seminar when he was only 23 years old.
Lincoln is a very engaging, participative trainee oriented trainer. He has been
conducting seminars, workshops and platform speaking for the past 41 years. He has the rare gift of connecting to the people he trains. Flexibility and sensitivity to people and situations come very naturally to him. Since training is not an event but a process, he always follows up with participants. He brings a lot of true to life experiences as a sales representative and leader to the classroom; which makes the content real.

Having trained in over 35 countries, he offers an acute understanding of culture,
which makes his sessions unique. He believes that learning should be a fun activity as he tells each group: “If you are not enjoying it. Don’t do it.” His sincere passion for training is evident in his behavior. The environment in his sessions is always non-threatening and participants are allowed to share at all times.

He has written and developed many seminars and workshops including:
 The Passion Workshop
 Vanguard Leaders
 Designed For Success
 Listening to/for the Lord
 Unleashing the Power in You!
 Back to Basics
 Creative Selling Techniques

He has also written several articles and produced news letters.
His mission is to help as many humans as possible ‘Be the Best they were designed to be!’ and change the world’s perspective on ‘work’.

Our Results

Service levels will be more acceptable. People will begin to enjoy what they do. Production will increase and consequently profits will also increase.

Training is not an event but a process. The effectiveness of any training session must be measured by how much learning takes place. Our training methods focus on empowering participants to adopt a positive mind-set in all that they do. Review the courses presented here and give us a call to schedule a demo. We also customize training programs to cater for specific needs.

Video Presentation

Our Method

Offering training seminars and workshops that empower people to perform at a higher level. (see menu for details) Mentoring and Coaching people who have a desire to improve their performance. We believe in the total development of the human being- Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

Our Mission

To help as many fellow humans as possible be the best they were designed to be! To change people’s attitude towards work. To break the 80/20 rule.

Education and Training

  • B.A. Education
  • Life Underwriters Association Training Course Parts 1 and 2
  • Certified Trainer
  • Graduate Creative Training Techniques
  • Graduate Solution Selling Techniques
  • Certificate Web Based Training
  • The 1999 Graduate School of
    Electronic Payments
  • Certified Birkman Personality Assessment Consultant
  • DISC Certified
  • Situational Leadership II Certified’
  • Inside Out Coaching Certified
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Covey’s 5 Choices
  • Working at the Speed of Trust; Project Management, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and Presentation Advantage Certified

Companies Trained

  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Barbados Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Junior Chamber International
  • Harbridge Merchant Services
  • Card Establishment Services
  • First Data Merchant Services
  • Keyes Real Estate Co.
  • Apex Merchant Services Inc.
  • Electronic Money Co.
  • First Merchant Services Inc.
  • Heartland Payments Systems
  • Retriever Payments Systems Inc.
  • Wells Fargo Merchant Services
  • Sagicor Insurance Co.
  • Franklin’s Tailoring Est.
  • St. Vincent Containers, Inc.
  • Transactiv Merchant Services
  • United Bankcard Inc., Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
  • World Airways Inc.
  • Immanuel Presbyterian Church
  • Bay Area Presbyterian Church
  • Ivy Creek Presbyterian Church
  • Bethel Family Baptist Church
  • Jubilee Christian Church
  • Akashbani Presbyterian Church
  • AutoTrader.com
  • Koons Automotive
  • Kelley Blue Book
  • Auto Trader.com
  • HomeNet Automotive
  • VinSolutions Inc.
  • HayStak Inc.
  • Manheim Auctions
  • etcNational Transactions Inc
  • National Transactions Inc
  • Contact @ Once, A Live Person Company
  • St. John Full Gospel Church
  • Delta Tech Operations

Awards and Recognitions

  • Jaycee of the Year – Siparia – 1972
  • Best Run Commission Award – 1972
  • West Indies/Indiana Jaycee Ambassador – 1977
  • Jaycee of the Year – Trinidad and Tobago Jaycees – 1978
  • Jaycee of the Year – West Indies Jaycees – 1978
  • Jaycees International Senator – 1982
  • Several Sales and Sales Management Awards
    Jaycee Offices Held:
  • President – Siparia Jaycees – 1976
  • Vice President – Trinidad and Tobago Jaycees – 1977
  • Executive Vice President –Trinidad and Tobago Jaycees – 1978
  • President – Trinidad and Tobago Jaycees – 1979
  • Vice President – West Indies Jaycees – 1980
  • Executive Vice President, Training and Development – 1981
  • Director of Training – 1982
  • President – West Indies Jaycees – 1983
  • Vice President – Jaycees International – 1984
  • Director of Training and Area B (Asia) – Jaycees International Staff – 1985 – 1988
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