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Elected to Lead

Congratulations to President Donald Trump  on his election and inauguration. The campaigning, politicking is over. It’s time to lead.

A nation will go where the leaders take them.

Here are some questions every elected officer should ask themselves – Republicans and Democrats-

How equipped are you to lead our nation? What’s your understanding of your role as a leader? What’s your leadership style and how effective is your style? How strong are your people skills? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How good are you at leading your own self? What’s your strategy for making decisions? Are you a team player? What’s your level of integrity?

Self- awareness leads to better self- management.  A leader is always being observed by everyone around them. Valentino’s calypso, ‘Life is a stage and everybody has a role to play’; is so real. Our elected leaders are on stage. Every day is a performance. The people expect you to perform at the highest level. Dale Carnegie said: ‘Better than my best I cannot do. Less than my best I will not do.’ You were elected to do your best. When your best is not good enough, find a way to get better. Find a mentor/coach. Take some leadership  skills training courses. Great leaders are always looking for ways to get better at leading. Elected leaders lead every day. A leader is always on the job.

Members of the opposition have the same responsibilities as the ruling party. Your role should not be to oppose every bill and every idea. Maybe we should change the name from ‘Opposition’ to ‘Accountability Partner.’ Look for the areas that need improvement. When you criticize, make sure you have an alternative recommendation. People who just criticize – find fault- are just wasting time. A great opposition will offer constructive criticism and hold the ruling party accountable.

Our country is blessed with so many natural resources. However the most valuable resource is our people. We have excelled beyond expectations at every event on the international scene. America sets the pace for the rest of the world.

Every citizen has a role to play.  Parents must be great parents. When you go to work – do your best. Pray for our leaders and our country. Teachers must make sure their students learn. Students pay attention in class and do your homework,  respect your elders. Law officers make sure that the people obey the law. Every citizen should look for ways to make a contribution to the growth, development and maintenance of this country, we call home.

The past is gone. The present is here for us to make the best, so that the future will be even better.  Let us all perform as the motto of our country states: ‘In God we trust!’

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