Past Participant Comments and Testimonials


This training was one of the best classes that I have ever been to. We work for a company that is always changing, every manager should take this class. Keep using real life case studies in your training it allows us to implement the strategies that we have learned.

See you soon,

Joe Bailey, DSM

Hi Lincoln,

Attached is my quiz. I wanted to let you know that I’m making an effort to know my team. During my 1 on 1’s I usually ask about their weekend and find out some interesting things. For example, I found out the one of my reps is a certified mechanic and just rebuilt the engine in his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Another loves community service and she collects clothes from friends and donates them each week! Thank you again for a wonderful impacting class. I look forward to your teachings in the future!

Amy Basini

Web Production Supervisor – Regional Creative Coordinators

Hi Lincoln,

Attached is the presentation you asked for, it was my pleasure. 

Now to your presentation.  WOW is what comes to mind.  Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious and exactly what our team needed.  Everyone raved about you as they normally do but beyond that I feel you really made an impact on many personally and professionally including myself.

Thank you for coming up and delivering such a powerful message, you have made a difference for our team. 

Jenifer Eggert
Regional Sales Director – N. CA, LA, & Reno

Thank you so much, Lincoln.

While I’m certain you don’t hear it enough, let me indulge you this one moment…

You are exquisite.

I know Larry will return full of hope, purpose,  and excitement because of you.

Thank You,

Cynthia Fergusson, RSD


All thanks should go to you. This class was something special for me and made me richer for having met you.

Thank you

Andreas Lorenz
Regional Sales Manager


You did an outstanding job bringing this training topic to life.  I have heard only great feedback and appreciation from the DM’s and RSM’s.  Thank you for opening our minds to different ways of developing and managing people.  Well done!

Thanks again,

Dave Crawford

Regional Sales Director


Thank you so much for an OUTSTANDING workshop. My entire region is EXTREMELY pumped up. You did a great job, as always, and I really appreciate you bending over backwards to help me out. I know how valuable your time is, and cannot tell you how much of a partner I feel you are to me.


Katrina Sonley

Regional Sales Director-Pacific Northwest

HI, Lincoln.

Thanks again for leading such a valuable workshop. I am sure it will help my own growth and development, just as it will assist me with the growth of my ACs.

I am already beginning to apply some of what we learned; mainly by slowing down and taking a breath (“diagnosing”) before jumping into the middle of something. That’s a GOOD thing.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Steve Alpiner

Product Specialist


Excellent job today at Esther’s Town Hall!  Your written summary was valuable, the discussion was fruitful, and your comments were insightful and inspiring.

Thanks for your dedication to making us all better!


Don C. Allen

Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development


I want to thank you.  The Lou Fusz Group absolutely LOVED “the Passion Workshop!”  The one word that Phil Fusz, VP of Variable Operations, used was, “AWESOME!”  He said that everyone got a lot out of it and that they want to ask you to come to St. Louis at some point in the future to do this for their entire management team and staff.

I expected no less than these rave reviews but what you don’t know is that this group has been wavering in their “belief” during the first half of this year.  Thank you for helping to make them a “RAVING FAN”….again and to ignite their “PASSION!”

Thank you, Lincoln!

Kevin Alfultis, Major Account Consultant

Hi Esther,

Just wanted to send you a quick note on the Passion Workshop that Lincoln did for one our dealers yesterday. I’m so glad I had an opportunity to attend his workshop. He did a fantastic job. When the morning started the sales guys in the room seems a bit low energy but within a few minutes Lincoln had them up out of their seats and engaged in the workshop. This is the first time that I have been to a training that when asked if the participants wanted a break, the entire room said no they wanted to keep going.


Lincoln has great energy and has developed a one of a kind workshop! I look forward to having him visit many of our stores in 2012.

 Due to several staffing changes within the region I feel it is a big need to have him to the workshop at my first regional meeting in 2012.  I know after seeing Friday’s workshop this will help my region to start the year out right.

 Thank you for continuing this wonderful training. As always please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Wendy Gill

Regional Sales Director – Northern California, Reno & Hawaii


It was truly a pleasure having you in Utah this week.  You inspired PASSION in the dealers for sure – AND you also inspired Team Utah to do more and be more.   Thank you for showing us what it possible and setting an impressive example of connecting with our customers.

You made/make a REAL difference and we appreciate being connected to you.

A very sincere Thank you from Team Utah and the Rocky Mountain Region

Matt Thomas,

DSM Region 27 District 5

From: Brenda []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2012 8:57 AM
To: Cosby, Amy (AT – Seattle)
Subject: RE: FollowUp to Lincoln’s Passion Workshop



I wanted to let you know that on Monday the 2nd we had our managers meeting.  We focused on The P.A.S.S.I.O.N workshop.  We went over ever letter on the word passion and had an open discussion on each word.  We used the work book and really had a great conversation.  Then we compared our scores on The Passion Meter Quiz.  It was a really positive managers meeting.  I even think that the managers that were not able to attend the actual workshop with Lincoln could see that the managers that went got a lot from this workshop.  Lincoln is a great speaker.  We have also had a lot of fun with getting a straw thru and apple ☺

Thanks Amy!

Brenda Hunsaker, Murdock Chevrolet

From: Kopnick, Ron H (AT – Detroit)
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 7:31 PM
To: Lado, Rey (AT – Atlanta)
Subject: Passion Seminar


Hi. I just had to reach out and say that the seminar Lincoln presented for one of the dealers in my district was fabulous. The content was excellent but pales in comparison to the dynamic presentation skills of Lincoln.  Just Great. Thought you should have this feedback.



Ron Kopnick

District Sales Manager

Hi Lincoln,

Thank you for a great job on the listening workshop with my leadership team. I really liked the way you started the day out with the questions on Ron’s story. I believe that added impact to the day and made an impression on my team about really listening, being engaged and the why behind it.


I look forward to seeing the positive effects the workshop will have on the team. I will keep you posted as to how we are doing.


If you have any feedback on the day or the meeting please feel free to call or email me.


Again, thank you I really appreciate your time and dedication on helping me develop my team to the highest level.




Wendy Gill

Regional Sales Director – Northern California, Reno and Hawaii

Hello Lincoln,

Hopefully this email finds you settled into San Diego for the next couple of days and your travel there was smooth.


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us your time for the incredible message you delivered today in our regional meeting! I heard from many, that they each took a nugget from your presentation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it. It was stellar! (Ok, never will forget that speech in San Francisco in 2008… but this one made me do a happy dance as I left the office today!)


So many times we get so busy in our hectic schedules that we do not let others fully know the impact that they make in both our life, and the lives of those close to us. I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact YOU make on all of our lives. I thank you for that my friend! Your clarity of thought in regards to what REALLY matters in life is refreshing to all you touch and I wanted to make sure that you knew that!


With my most sincere thanks,

Rick Rodriguez

Regional Sales Director- Southern CA and Las Vegas

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. Among many valuable gems, your new hire advice in April 2011 to “Embrace the pace!” helped me TREMENDOUSLY and literally helped take my monthly performance from worst to top 5! Best wishes for a great 2013! –

Casey Philpott, AIGA

Lincoln –

I just wanted to say thank you for such a terrific class yesterday. Debbie Toney and I both agreed that “5 Choices” was the most helpful and enjoyable learning session that either of us have had with, due in large part to your passion for the subject and engagement with the attendees.


I’m looking forward to putting the principles of 5 Choices into practice and seeing the results of my 5-week Quick Start.



Steve Madden

Advertising Consultant



I walked away from this class with some much needed ways to deal with the day of an account consultant.

You kept it interesting and I truly enjoyed it!


Debbie Toney

Advertising Consultant


Thank you for taking time out of your life to address my sales team yesterday.


Some feedback… you stole the show and impacted each and everyone in attendance!


Last night, we had a group dinner and the consensus was that we have hit the norming portion of a team… that we have come together and for the first time in HomeNet history, are now all pulling in the same direction!


I debriefed the team today and the comments were overwhelming about how you opened their eyes about needing to be “both feet in” and how great they feel about working for HN now… you have touched another thirty people’s lives directly and I thank you for it!


Rob Christman

National Director of Sales – HomeNet Automotive


 Thank you so much for facilitating this training for us at the SLP 2013 Kick-Off. This is one of the most impactful trainings I have attended. Your reputation has preceded you regarding your energy/passion for self-improvement and you did not disappoint!


Greg Kujawa

Dealer Advocate

Lincoln ,

This was one of the best pieces of advice I picked out of this week. I met a dealer principle finally after 3 years. He did not say a word for the first 10 minutes of the meeting. I then told him before we went any further I had 1 question for him. How could I stop being a vendor and become a business partner to him. He then took the next 10 minutes and opened up and told me. The meeting went 90 minutes and I need to follow up with pricing for multiple solutions.

Thank you very much for coming to Boston this week! You are a game changer!

Make it a great day!


Michael G Meyer



Yesterday was my 1st day at ATG (Mon, June 2). I was spoiled to have Lincoln facilitate my Orientation course. Wow…he was passionate and motivating…along with a fantastic communicator. Last night at home, I shared with family and friends about Lincoln & my great 1st day. Thanks Lincoln!!

Oliver Gumbrill

Good Afternoon Tabetha,


I just wanted to send you a note to let you know what a phenomenal job Lincoln did with my team last week while in Memphis TN.


My team is currently undergoing many transitions in our professional lives and as a result I asked Lincoln to attend our team outing to review change management and specific techniques we could each use to assist ourselves with the department changes.


Lincoln help us out tremendously by helping us each understand our Birkman scores and how they translate under stress, he was also able to provide clear examples of how we can help one another though this time as well as exercises we each could use.


This is the third team outing we have had and I’m told by my staff that this is the best one we have had and the most relevant.  I will be sending Spark points to Lincoln later today, but wanted to be sure you knew how much we appreciate him.




Christina Zara

Director Event Planning

Hello Lincoln,

I wanted to personally thank you for leading and teaching the  Breakthrough Performance workshop on 07-08-2014. I have participated in and attended  several classes here at ATC in my short 6 year tenure, and I must say this was by far the BEST.  The content was Great, but your passion and delivery made the class! Thank you for creating an environment for learning! I am already reaping benefits from this workshop professionally and personally! Job Well done and again thank you!

Kindest Regards,

Tony L. Mitchell

ATG-Enterprise Infrastructure Services

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we enjoyed the 5 Choices class held at Manheim Tampa yesterday.  My managers are a tough crowd and somehow Lincoln managed to leave them walking away saying how much they liked the class. He kept the training upbeat and interesting.


Thanks again for all the help with arranging the class at my location.



Jeannie Ciccarello | Human Resources Manager


Good morning. I hope all is well with you and yours.

The ‘Q3 comment’ prompting your curiosity was a bit on purpose, as Lincoln Kokaram encouraged me to open up the following dialog with others.

Our R24D4 team took a FranklinCovey 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity class a few days ago, hosted by Lincoln.

During the presentation, it became apparent that your efforts to understand and eliminate some of the ‘nonsensical tasks’ fits well into the 5 Choices premise.

The premise of 5 Choices is based on a time matrix grid representing Urgent/Not Urgent, Important/Not Important activities in our day.

With our time being spent in these areas, identifying which ones represent the best use of time, returning the greatest opportunity for productivity, is the objective.  

Quadrant 3 (Q3) is represented by very low ROI Valued activities, aka distractions. (Unimportant/Urgent), and includes things like unnecessary, irrelevant, and unimportant activities.

Q2 activities represent behaviors leading to extraordinary productivity: planning, learning, focus on high impact goals, (Important/Not Urgent).

Your statement to me a few months ago about eliminating unnecessary things now translates into “identifying Q3 issues and eliminating them from our radar”.

The end result is less time spent in Q3 (for me) thereby affording greater productivity by a shift of that time into Q2.

5 Choices is a program with tremendous upside, creating clearer situational awareness and offering a process for changing behavior for the better.

I am grateful that I work for a DSM/Company that made this program available to me and encourage you to take advantage of any opportunity to enroll.

As always, THANK YOU for all that you do every day!

Best Regards,

Steve Brogan

Digital Advertising Consultant

Midwest Region


Just wanted to let you know about the feedback I have gotten from out supervisors about the recent seminar you led for us. Everyone really enjoyed it, and have started to use some of the practices that we learned. I myself did my first grow session and have been asking questions to clarify much more than I had been. I put a “end cap” report together for our leadership each week and everyone who attended has mentioned the fantastic experience they had this week. Thank you very much, we look forward to you coming back as soon as time permits!


David Goldstein

Sr. Manager, Ad Operations

Today and when you think it’s needed I’ll ask for a favor my friend. I need you to reflect and appreciate the leadership and social awareness you taught so many of us. Know you’ve helped many people become better leaders. Happy birthday my friend.

Joseph Cajas

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