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We are known by our actions.
May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us!
‘Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.’ Proverbs 20:11 NIV
I am sure you have heard the statement; ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ We are known by how we behave. Are we behaving like children of
Christ or the devil The communication experts have stated that 70% of
communication is non-verbal. People notice how we behave more than
they listen to what we say. When our behavior contradicts our words,
they stop listening. It’s not do as I say not as I do. It’s do as I do and say.
Jesus did everything He told us to do. May we manage our behavior in
such a way that it reflects the behavior of Jesus. Greet a stranger in
church this weekend.Smile more.
Have a Blessed Day! Follow Him! One Less Day to Go!
Lincoln S. Kokaram


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